Accounting company Varna

'It's kind of fun to do the impossible.'
~ Walt Disney

About Us

It would be a pleasure for us to introduce our  business  in  the  next  lines. We are not only an accounting company which provides professional accounting and bookkeeping services. Our aim is to offer quality solutions to the business. Minchev Consulting  Group  provides  professional  taxlegal  and accounting services to various domestic and foreign clients. Since 2014 we are a proud member of the European Accounting Association. The organisation is established in 1977, Brussel. We can proudly state that our name is a symbol of high quality, professionalism, independence and ethics not only to clients, but also to the professional  society  and  government  institutions.  Our  company  offers  strictly  individual  approach towards  each  client,  following  the  corporate  culture  spirit  and  high  level  of  business  ethics.  Our corporate  policy  is  based  on  quality  and  efficiency  in  full  compliance  with  the  national  and international accounting & tax regulations. To ensure the full responsibility of our work we maintain a professional business policy with one of the largest international insurance companies. Our office is situated in the heart of the sea capital of Bulgaria – city of Varna. Although we are a small local company, we have foreign  customers from  all over the world. Being a member of the EU since 2007 Bulgaria has become a really attractive destination for opening a business. More than 90% percents of our customers are foreign investors.  We  love  the entrepreneurship and that is why we consider helping someone throughout his way, to be priceless – from just the idea to the real business. We took part in two different Startup Weekends/events powered by Google for entrepreneurs/. We really love startup idea and we do our best to help the building-up of a startup ecosystem in Varna area. Meanwhile our biggest customer was founded before 200 years and has got branches in more than 15 countries. Contact our office in Varna to take your business up to the next level!