A trusted advisor (second part)

Good tax advisor and accountant.

We shared the part one of our understending for a trusted advisor / accountant. Today we’re sharing the second part. According to a recently made survey, it turns out that it is really important for the small business to have a good accountant whose job will be not only helping you in taking the right and important financial decisions, but who will also play a certain role into the financial strategy of the company for a long-term period. And the information gathered from that survey points out that the owners of small businesses wish exactly this for the accounting services that are provided by their accountant.

If you own a small business company, for sure you need to hire an accountant whose job is to take care of your financial documents. So when you need bookkeeping services, you better look for a professionals who will not only follow the numbers, but who will also give you some advice when you put goals in front of you and your business when it is time to set your budget or when you do forecasts. Doing all those things is not so easy, especially if you are not dealing with business for longer time, but you are new at this. When you need some help for understanding something, your accountant is the person you should seek for help. If he is not able to do that, then you better look for someone who will be.

If you have such a person who you can trust, he should also be able to follow what your progress is in accordance to the goals that you have set for your business. He needs to understand what your limits are and alert you if he sees there is something wrong with the direction that your business is going and if you are not following the goals you have set for your business.

The last thing that you need to look for when choosing the right accountant for your company is the technology that he uses. Those technology tools should be new and innovative so that your resources and time are used at maximum. When business owners made a list of the desired services in a recent survey it turned out that a dashboard to monitor the business is on third place.

Remember that you are the customer and you are the one that chooses your accountant. Such type of services – financial tracking dashboards are really useful for those owners who are quite busy and do not have the physical time to follow everything. It is not so difficult to follow this information, if you can use financial data that are automatically imported.

When your accountant uses such tools like for example online dashboards, it is much easier for him to follow how things are going for your business. And if you do not have such an accountant that can offer you all those services and tools, perhaps it is time to think twice if it is time to change him and find a new one.