Tax consulting Bulgaria

"...but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."
~ Benjamin Franklin

Tax Consulting Services

An important role for every company should play the proper corporate tax planning such as income tax, VAT, dividends tax, withholding tax and how they can affect your business. With years of experience in the field of tax consulting services in Varna area, Minchev Consulting Group can offer you and your company a detailed information about the entire set of taxes in Bulgaria – business taxes, taxes for non-residents, taxes on self-employment and inheritance, due dates for taxes etc . We will use our best knowledge in the Bulgarian tax regulations and laws to provide you with professional tax services and tax advisory services to help you with your company’s tax planning and the minimizing of your tax exposure.

Our tax expertise includes services for residents and non-residents in:

* tax planning and assessing of residents’ current corporate tax, income tax due date as well as annual tax assessment in connection with the year-end closure of accounts and annual income tax return ;

*assistance to residents for tax on self-employment, social security tax brackets, due date for income tax and annual tax return for self-employed individuals;

*consultations on Bulgarian VAT tax Act, the applicable VAT in Bulgaria, VAT registration and preparation of monthly VAT tax returns;

*representation before the national institutions for taxes of non-residents for withholding taxes and taxes on dividends, submission of non-resident tax returns, income tax on foreign income, payment of tax on income from shares and income tax on dividends;

*estate planning, property tax services, inheritance tax and inheritance tax rates, advices about withholding tax, taxes withheld from Bulgaria, withholding treaty and corporations tax.

Even if you find that your business is in no need of tax services at the moment, our team at Minchev Consulting Group in Varna will provide you with full tax information about the Bulgarian tax system and regulations. Bulgarian income tax system offers the lowest tax rates within the EU with only 10% tax rate for corporate tax and withholding tax rate for non-residents, 5% rate for dividends tax and 20% VAT rate on the country’s territory.