BPO services

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~ Michael LeBoeuf

Business Process Outsourcing Services

The BPO services (Business Process Outsourcing services) is one of the most quickly developing industries in Bulgaria with a significantly growing market share in compare to other outsourcing services in the country. The BPO as a service is delegating a part of operations, whole procedures or sharing of responsibilities with a third-party service providers, specialized in these services.

Our accounting company Minchev Consulting Group is a BPO service provider in Varna, Bulgaria with a main focus on back office solutions and their outsourcing for better cost efficiency, risk minimization and sharing of knowledge expertise. The BPO allows our clients to increase their flexibility and focus on the core of their business. Our BPO services involve a wide range of clients back office services and secondary operations such as company set up, accounting, audit, human resources, tax advisory, payroll processing and payroll administration, invoicing services, virtual office and consulting.

Our bookkeeping company is working to benefit the client’s needs and to help them increase company’s flexibility and market position by providing tailored BPO services and offering not payable on a monthly base professional services, but a fee-for-service basis, which is corresponding to the completed service. It is important for our clients to be more resourceful when managing company’s costs. The fee-for-service basis helps companies to transform fixed into variable costs, which makes them more flexible when responding to changes in required capacity, and eliminates the need for investment in assets.

At our best interest in Minchev Consulting Group is to provide to our clients quality outsourcing services that can improve the handling of the company’s resources and the response when major changes occur. We deem that our accounting company has grown to become one of the leaders in BPO services for small, medium or even large businesses in Bulgaria by offering professionalism and help companies to take advantage of our expertise and experience in the field.

We believe in the ability of every company in Bulgaria to grow fast and develop, when is less limited by the large expenses for people or equipment that can take years to pay off. Our team at Minchev Consulting Group will use the knowledge in BPO services to help you grow on the market and make you more competitive to other business by undertaking any process or operation, that will speed up your efficiency within the company and gain you a higher market value.